This dual degree option is available to students in the M.Arch. degree program. The dual degree program permits students to obtain the M.Arch. and the M.I.P. in substantially less time than if each degree was pursued separately. M.Arch. students may partially fulfill M.I.P. course work while completing the M.Arch. program of study. A maximum of 15 credits may be used to satisfy requirements of both degrees.

For more information about the M.I.P. program, see Master in Infrastructure Planning in this catalog.

M.Arch. Requirements

Core Courses
ARCH 500GTools and Techniques II3
ARCH 501GArchitecture Studio I6
ARCH 502GArchitecture Studio II6
ARCH 503GArchitecture Studio III6
ARCH 504GArchitecture Studio IV6
ARCH 541GConstruction I3
ARCH 542GConstruction II3
ARCH 543GEnvironmental Control Systems I3
ARCH 544GEnvironmental Control Systems II3
ARCH 545GStructures I3
ARCH 548GStructures II3
ARCH 547GSynthesis Seminar3
ARCH 528GHistory of Architecture I3
ARCH 529GHistory of Architecture II3
ARCH 555GTools and Techniques I3
ARCH 569GProfessional Practice I3
ARCH 579GProfessional Practice II3
Two courses in architectural history 1,26
One course in contemporary architectural theory 23
Option Sequence
Select two of the following:12
Advanced Architecture Studio I
Advanced Architecture Studio II
Advanced Design Options III
MARC 701
ARCH XXXElectives 29
Electives 29
Total Credits102

With the exception of History/Theory Selectives, ARCH 569G Professional Practice I and ARCH 579G Professional Practice II, all core courses must be completed before proceeding to the options sequence.

M.I.P. Requirements

Required Courses
MIP 631History and Theory of Infrastructure3
MIP 652Geographic Information Systems3
MIP 673Infrastructure Planning in Practice3
MIP 674Infrastructure and Architecture3
MIP 675Elements of Infrastructure Planning3
Additional Requirements
MIP 601Interdisciplinary Infrastructure Studio I6
MIP 602Interdisciplinary Infrastructure Studio II6
MIP 612Introduction to Environmental Policy Studies3
EPS 622Sustainable Politics and Policy3
MIP 655Land Use Planning3
Total Credits36