Who will take this Graduate Certificate?

UI/UX Graduate Bridge Certificate provides a low residency, graduate level certificate for those seeking to gain an understanding of human-centered design, User Experience design and User Interface design. Students will:

  • Gain experience and mastery of the User Experience design process such as UX research, UX design ideation, Persona, Prototype stages, and Usability testing & evaluation techniques.
  • Design physical and digital interfaces and software products; build interactive prototypes
  • Synthesize a creative portfolio to prepare for a career in UI/UX Design.

Into which MS degree will this Graduate Certificate convert?
This is being proposed as a stand-alone bridge certificate, to which coursework may qualify students for further studies into a related MS or MFA degree in Digital Design.

In what industries might a holder of this Graduate Certificate find employment?

As digital media continue to proliferate, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally, there is increasing need for qualified professionals able to fill positions in digital content creation, management, and distribution. This certificate program prepares those with introductory knowledge to fill entry level positions in the NY metro area and beyond.

In what job titles might a holder of this Certificate fit?

A review of several 7 to 10 year time horizon market analysis reports covering, Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects; Game and Interactive Media Design; Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia; and Digital Arts shows a large and stable jobs market (approx. 170,000 jobs) for these fields in the New York MSA alone.

Description of certificate program

The 12 credit UI/UX design Certificate is comprised of 4 preparatory courses for those who wish to gain the foundational skills and knowledge to enter the burgeoning User experience design and Human-Computer Interaction fields. This UX/UI Design Certificate is set as a stand-alone credential to gain entry-level admission into a range of career or academic paths.


DD 634 - Physical Computing for Designers – Interaction Design - Design studio focusing on two-and three-dimensional visual communication of data, including interactive and scripted/animated communication as well as still-image utilization. Applications may include website creation, information kiosks, exhibit design, educational videos, scientific visualization, and other graphics-intensive projects.

DD 640 - User Interface/User Experience in Digital Design - Application of theories, research methods, ethics, and design processes of UX (user experience) design. Students will research, develop, and test UX designs. Design strategies will be discussed as they are applied to student designed physical, virtual, and hybrid prototype interface solutions.

IS 661 - User experience Design - Effective UXD requires a mix of Interaction Design (ID) methods and processes. This course takes you through the process of creating compelling interaction designs for digital products from the idea stage into creating a simple and intuitive user experience blueprint.

IS 664 - Customer Discovery Design - In this course, we take a deep dive into qualitative user experience (UX) research. UX research is the process of understanding why and how people use products and services. This course will teach you a set of research tools to understand user needs, investigate the user experience, and derive design recommendations.

First Semester:

DD 640            UI-UX in Digital Design                                   3 credits

IS 661              User Experience Design                                 3 credits

Second Semester:

IS 664              Customer Discovery Design                           3 credits

DD 634            Physical Computing - Interaction Design       3 credits

Total: 12 credits