(12 credits)

Fintech (Financial Technology) is at the intersection of technology and financial services. FinTech has recently helped the finance industry make big strides by taking advantage of evolving technologies. Offered by the Martin Tuchman School of Management, the Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology is suitable for students interested in corporate finance logistics who want to acquire knowledge for building technical applications to enhance or create innovative processes in finance.

Who would be suited to take this program?

There are primarily two types of people that would benefit the most from this program: technology-oriented managers who want to understand the underpinnings of applications in the finance industry and application developers who want to embrace the financial world.

Required course:

FIN 600Corporate Finance I3
FIN 611Intro to Topics in Fin Tech3

Choose two courses:

FIN 616Data Driven Financial Modeling3
FIN 620Adv Financial Data Analytics3
FIN 624Corporate Finance II3
FIN 626Financial Investment Institutions3
FIN 641Derivatives Markets3
MGMT 635Data Mining and Analysis3