IT Sales & Analytics Certificate

The graduate certificate in IT Sales & Analytics will help to prepare students with technology backgrounds into careers with effective sales and management roles within technology companies. The sequence of courses in this certificate best represents the skills needed to be effective in a modern IT sales environment.

Who would be suited to take this program?

Students and professionals interested in learning about the sales process, analyzing data, and bringing value to organizations through information technology.

What are the prerequisites?

Applicants should have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.

NJIT’s standard admission requirements apply to this graduate certificate.

What will I learn?

This certificate will prepare students with the following skill sets:

  • Sales Process
  • Legal, ethical, regulatory, and compliance
  • Sales Analytics: Having a fundamental understanding of how to develop and interpret data is critical to the sales process
  • Sales Management
  • IT Service Management: Understanding of the IT service cycle and articulating the value of a product to an organization
  • Business to Business Sales

Why IT Sales & Analytics?

Focused on connecting consumers with innovative tech products, IT sales is all about identifying the customers who can benefit from a particular solution and showing them how that solution can meet their needs. Encompassing hardware (computers, servers, networking devices), software (operating systems), and services (applications, big data, and cloud computing) technology sales can vary greatly depending on the particular company you work for and the type of sales you do. Strong technical knowledge of the product and industry is important to identify the customer base that would benefit.

Today’s market has high demand for technology products. With SaaS (software-as-a-service) products becoming widespread in the industry the need for high quality salespeople with STEM backgrounds has risen. This skill set includes not just the ability to sell a product, but also the ability to articulate the value of the product in the context of an organization. This requires fundamental understanding of organizations life cycle, culture, capacity, and industry to show how a product can provide that value.

The world of IT sales is ever-expanding one that is well suited for those with the technical aptitude are willing to work in a rapidly changing world and who are financially motivated. The technology industry has risen in prominence in recent years, with sectors like FinTech, EdTech, and others raising the profile of tech businesses and creating a new demand for tech roles. 

This has been prominent across the tech market, particularly in tech sales, where a rising number of products and increased competition has meant a greater need for highly skilled salespeople to get products in front of the right people at the right time.

Into what industries might holders of this program find employment?

Students who complete the certificate would be suited to find employment in various roles in the field of sales. Sample job titles include:

  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Direct technology salesperson
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • National Technical Sales Director

Related Degree Programs

Credits from this graduate certificate can be applied toward the Master of Business Administration program.


IS 678: IT Service Management

This course introduces IT service management, a set of specialized organizational capabilities for enabling value for customers in the form of IT services. ITIL, a globally recognized framework of best practices for IT service management is covered in some detail, along with other approaches for IT service management. The course presents ITIL key concepts, the ITIL service value system, the service value chain, the four dimensions of service management, ITIL guiding principles and ITIL management practices. ITIL is presented in the context of a specific organizational services domain.

MGMT 691: Legal and Ethical Issues

Explores the legal and ethical responsibilities of managers. Analyzes extent to which shareholders should be allowed to exercise their legitimate economic, legal, and ethical claims on corporate managers; extent of regulation of a particular industry, individual rights of the employee and various corporate interests, and corporate responsibility to consumers, society, and conservation of natural resources and the environment.

MRKT 638: Sales Management for Technical Professionals

Focuses on the promotion and sales of products in the business-to-organization market. All elements of the marketing communications mix are covered according to their importance in that market: selling, sales promotion, trade advertising, and publicity. The latest techniques are reviewed and discussed using case histories and student projects. Issues of global competitiveness, high technology products, and the role of total quality management in marketing communications are emphasized.

MRKT 655: Sales Process and Analytics

The course focuses on the dynamic field of sales management, and specifically the field of Business-to-Business (B2B) sales. Traditional sales processes tend to either spread effort evenly among all potential sales or misplace the sale effort on deals that will not probably close. As a consequence, salespeople do not focus enough effort on the most promising sales. Opportunity Management techniques are intendent to prevent this by tracking salesforce effort, help focusing on the most promising sales, and adjusting resources accordingly.

What are the Required Courses?

  • MGMT 691- Legal and Ethical Issues
  • IS 678- IT Service Management
  • MRKT 638- Professional Sales and Sales Management
  • MRKT 655- Sales Process and Analytics (Recently approved course)