Management of Technology

With the use of technology on a constant rise, NJIT recognizes the demand for highly trained individuals to manage the influence of technology in organizations and the global market place.

Who is suited for this program?

The Management of Technology Graduate Certificate provides students with the skills and tools needed to manage organizational change, both planned and unplanned, associated with existing and emerging technologies. Two core courses, Management of Technology and Organizational Behavior, provide students with the background for integrating fundamental business knowledge with applications of technology. The focus is on the generation, development and implementation of technology as well as the influences of technology on global competitiveness. Students select two electives that are consistent with their learning and career goals.

What will I learn?

  • Technology as a main component of an organizational entity. Generation, development, and implementation of technology are outlined. Influence of technology on global competitiveness is also discussed.
  • Managing Technological and Organizational Change which Focuses on planned and unplanned systemic change, such as downsizing, reengineering, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Knowledge Management where students will have a comprehensive framework for designing and implementing a successful knowledge management effort and be able to assist in the development of knowledge.
  • Information Systems Principles which discusses the role of information processing, estimates of personnel resources and budgets, integration of corporate and MIS plans, organizational alternatives for MIS departments and support staffs, management of computer operations, equipment and general software acquisitions, intermediate and long range MIS plans, integration of personal computers, minicomputers, and mainframes, and security and controls.
  • Decision Support Systems which covers the use of decision support systems to support management decision making in a real world environment.
  • E-Commerce Technologies which develops a basic understanding of the Internet and its underlying technologies as a foundation for e-commerce with an introduction to ecommerce applications.
  • Management Strategies for ECommerce which prepares students for effective management of internet-based businesses and electronic commerce and oversight of global business activities in an increasingly competitive environment.

Why study Management of Technology at NJIT? 

The graduate certificate’s narrow focus allows you to dig deep into this specific topic, and start applying your knowledge sooner. It is possible to earn this certificate entirely through online courses, so you can more easily fit it into your busy life. And whether you take courses online or on campus you’ll learn from NJIT’s distinguished professors and instructors from the Martin Tuchman School of Management.


Completion of a Bachelor’s degree with an overall cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.8 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Related Degree Programs

All credits for the Management of Technology Certificate relates in its entirety to either NJIT MBA, NJIT MS in Management, or the MS in Business and Information Systems. The MS in Management can be completed entirely online in limited formats, and the Management of Technology graduate certificate program is a great way to jump start into the program.

Take Note

Check the course descriptions for more information. Some courses have prerequisites and must be taken in order.

Required Courses
HRM 601Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 620Management of Technology3
Select Two (2) of the following6
Project Management
Knowledge Management
Information Systems Principles
Decision Support Systems for Managers