The certificate in Data Science for Chemical and Materials Engineering Applications will prepare students on using data science tools for numerous applications including predicting material properties, conducting high-throughput searches for materials, optimizing experimental design, and developing machine learning models that lead to virtual screening. Students will take core courses in data science and data visualization. They will be offered a foundation in machine learning, statistical methods used in analyses, and data mining. This certificate can additionally serve as a path to the MS degrees in chemical engineering and materials engineering.

Core Courses
MTEN 631 Data Science for Chemical and Materials Engineering Applications3
CHE 632 Visual Communication with Chemical & Materials Engineering Data3
Select Two of the Following Elective Courses
MTEN 633 Machine Learning in Chemical and Materials Engineering3
CS 634Data Mining3
MATH 661Applied Statistics3
MATH 662Probability Distributions3
MATH 678Stat Methods in Data Science3