The program is offered in two options, the Materials Engineering Option and the Materials Science Option. These programs are administered by NCE (Newark College of Engineering) and CSLA (College of Science and Liberal Arts) colleges, respectively. A joint committee comprised of NCE and CSLA faculty oversee the program.

Materials Engineering Option

Administered by the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department, NCE

The master's degree is a valued professional credential, offered on a full-time or part-time basis. Applicants are expected to have a baccalaureate degree in engineering (chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, or biomedical) or in physics or chemistry or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students with undergraduate degrees in biology or other STEM disciplines may also be admitted on condition that additional bridge courses may be required. International students must achieve a TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper-based); 213 (computer-based); 79 (internet-based). A quantitative section of GRE must be at the level approved by NCE.

Thirty credit hours are required for the degree. A thesis is optional.

Core courses (12 credit hours)

Any cross-listed courses will not be offered simultaneously.

Core Courses
MTEN 610Found of Materials Sci & Engr3
or MTSE 601 Fundamentals of Engineering Materials
MTEN 611Diffusion & Solid State Kineti3
or MTSE 655 Diffusion and Solid State Kinetics
MTEN 612Thermodynamics of Materials3
or MTSE 602 Thermodynamics of Materials
MTEN 613Characterization of Materials3

Elective Courses and MS Thesis (18 credit hours: six courses, or four courses and thesis)

Substitutions must be approved by advisor.

BME 651Principles of Tissue Engineering3
BME 672Biomaterials3
BME 680BioMEMS Design and Applications3
CE 632Prestressed Concrete Design3
CE 636Mechanics and Stability of Structures3
CE 641Engineering Properties of Soils3
CHE 619Nano-scale Characterization of Materials3
CHE 632Visual Communication with Chemical & Materials Engineering Data3
CHE 654Corrosion3
CHE 683Polymer Processing3
or ME 679 Polymer Processing Techniques
CHE 684Materials and Process Selection for Polymer Product Design3
CHE 702Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering II3
CHE 709Adv Separation Processes3
CHE 710Adv Membrane Separation Proc3
CHE 714Micromechanics of Part Tech Pr3
CHE 722Additive Manufacturing & Appl3
CHE 750Environmental Catalysis3
CHE 756Industrial Catalysis3
CHE 775Molecular Simulations in CHE3
CHE 781Polymerization-Principles and Practice3
CHE 782Polymer Structures and Properties3
ECE 626Optoelectronics - Nonlinear Modulators for Optical Communication3
ECE 657Semiconductor Devices3
ECE 659Fabrication Principles of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices3
ME 620Mechanics of Materials3
ME 621Advanced Mechanics of Material3
ME 626Fatigue Fracture of Solids3
ME 675Mechanics of Fiber Composites3
ME 678Engineering Design of Plastic Products3
ME 714Principles of Particulate Multiphase Flows3
MTEN 631Data Science for Chemical and Materials Engineers3
MTEN 633Machine Learning for Chemical and Materials Engineers3
MTEN 711Nanocomposite Materials3
MTEN 712Nanomaterials3
or CHEM 748 Nanomaterials
MTEN 700BMaster's Project3
MTEN 701BMasters Thesis3
MTSE 610Mechanical Properties of Materials3
MTSE 681Composite Materials3
MTSE 722Science and Technology of Thin Films3