What will I learn?

  • Introduction to the use of the Internet and electronic commerce in the development of marketing strategy.
  • The development of Internet-based marketing.
  • An overview of social networks by introducing them to the unique terminology of social networks.
  • Positive and negative characteristics of social networks will be discussed, followed by visualizations and analyses of those characteristics.
  • Introduction to data analysis, probability and statistics from an information systems perspective, including many of the techniques that are most relevant to the profession of Data Scientist for business, data and web analytics, as well as current data sets.
  • The rudiments of probability and random variables, estimation, special distribution and sampling, Markov processes, hypothesis testing, graphics and visualization.

Why study Digital Marketing Essentials at NJIT?

Student will gain a competitive advantage by being trained to promote more effective practice of the social, cultural, and economic dynamics of digital media.  This forecast is supported by rapidly increasing activity within the investment community into digital marketing and content management industries, and aggressive strategic redirection within telecommunications, media and advertising companies to exploit the new delivery channels, analytics, and client behaviors (consumer and industrial) afforded by the deployment of the underlying technology.  Importantly, NJIT is located at the epicenter of this activity.


NJIT standard admission requirements apply to this graduate certificate. Applicants may require a corequisite: PTC 601, an undergraduate course in probability and statistics, and undergraduate-level programming, per academic advisement.

Related Degree Programs

This credential relates in its entirety to NJIT MS Professional and Technical Communication

This interdisciplinary certificate focuses on the use and impact of digital media in marketing communications. Students will gain competencies in information technologies, social media, and organizational cultures. 

Its collaborative approach will grant students the flexibility to study the utilization and impact of media, particularly digital media, through the degree program’s courses. Students will gain a competitive advantage by being trained to promote more effective practice of the social, cultural, and economic dynamics of digital media marketing.  

Who would be suited to take this program? 

This certificate is suited for students and professionals interested in the aesthetic and societal aspects of technology, and who intend to learn/expand their careers in communication media, corporate and other public relations, visual arts, publishing, social media and public policy.

Career options may include data analysis manager, social media manager, digital marketing manager, and content strategy manager. 

What are the Required Courses?

Core Courses
PTC 628Analyzing Social Networks3
PTC 642Corporate Media and Communication3
MRKT 645Internet Marketing Strategy3
Select one of the following:3
Data Mining and Analysis
Data Analytics for Info System