Degree Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 30 degree credits taken over a minimum of two semesters. Five core courses must be completed by all students; five elective courses allow students to specialize in selected areas of professional and technical communication.

Students must design and maintain an ePortfolio of work completed within the courses. This work, organized around core competencies within each seminar in the program, will be reviewed by the instructional faculty every semester. In the final semester before graduation, students are required to submit their portfolio for non-credit assessment in PTC 691 ePortfolio Capstone Seminar

Core Courses
PTC 601Advanced Professional and Technical Communication3
PTC 603Identity, Technology, and Communication3
PTC 604Communication Theory and Research3
PTC 605Elements of Visual Design3
PTC 606Advanced Information Design3
PTC 691ePortfolio Capstone Seminar0
Elective Courses
Select five of the following:15
Research Methods for Information Design
Theory and Practice of Text Encoding
Proposal Writing
Working in Teams: Collaborative and Interpersonal Communications
Professional and Technical Editing
Communication Media Design Studio
Analyzing Social Networks
Theory and Practice of Social Media
Communication and Environmental Problem Solving
Content Management and Information Architecture
Health Communications
Corporate Media and Communication
Communication in Technology Transfer and Innovation
eLearning Design for Mobile
Design Instruction Assess Meth
Tech in Class & Learning Envir
Selected Topics in Professional and Technical Communication
PTC 700
PTC 701
Independent Study in Professional and Technical Communication
Total Credits30