Today's innovations in communication have created an undeniable demand for specialists in social media. Corporations, governments, and non profits are engaging in digital media to extend the reach of their initiatives providing a fresh platform for launching new products and services. Graduates from this certificate program will know when and how to use media tools to foster dialogue and drive action. Students will gain competencies in communication, information design, and new technologies. 

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Who is this program recommended for?

This program, which is completely available online, is ideal for working professionals who want or need to update skills for their current profession. Students who want to change careers and enter the field of social media will also gain from this certificate. Corporations, government, big and small businesses all need the expertise of specialists in social media. 

What will I learn?

  • Deep understanding of the relationship between communication, design, and technology
  • Professional use of social media as communication tools in business, education, by non-profits and as communities of interest
  • How and when to use blogging, tagging, wiki writing, podcasting, and tweeting.
  • Social media strategies for reading and writing in today’s multi-cultural, screen-oriented, networked culture.
  • Detailed understanding of online visual communication strategies and community building -- design and creation of multimedia objects, usability heuristics, navigation theory, contemporary design practices and online community building 
  • User research methods such as contextual inquiry, ethnographic field studies, card sorting, affinity diagramming, and usability testing that provide the foundation for user-centered design
  • User and task analysis, rhetorical strategies
  • Contemporary types of technical communication
  • Comprehensive professional ePortfolio of your work that will enhance your résumé

Why study Social Media Essentials at NJIT?

NJIT, at the leading edge of technology and science, provides the technical backbone for a program involving social media. Several market indicators point to this field as a strong career choice for 2010 and beyond. The United States Department of Labor, US News and World Report, and The Wall Street Journal have all recently identified expertise in social media as a knowledge area in high demand.


NJIT standard admission requirements apply to this graduate certificate. In addition:

  1. High-speed internet connection access from a computer that is not behind a firewall. Access to Moodle and to synchronous chat are often prevented by many companies' security policies. Please check with your company if you plan to access this course from work.
  2. Familiarity with using the computer as a tool of learning.
  3. Fluency with Microsoft Word, and confidence in exploring the Internet.
  4. Commitment to distance learning as a mode of education. You should be prepared to visit the course Web site daily and post observations in discussion groups. If technical problems arise, you will not let these stand in the way of obtaining material and submitting work.

Related Degree Programs

This credential relates in its entirety to NJIT MS in Professional and Technical Communication

What are the Required Courses?

Core Courses
Select four of the following:12
PTC 606Advanced Information Design3
PTC 610Research Methods for Information Design3
PTC 628Analyzing Social Networks3
PTC 629Theory and Practice of Social Media3