User experience design is a radically changing area of both research and implementation. Whether it is a part of new apps, websites, or touchscreens at the supermarket, there is a designer behind each interactive product, implementing useful ideas and tools to the consumer in such a way that they would be happy to engage with. This is the basis for User Experience Design (UX). The graduate certificate in User Experience Essentials (UXE) exposes students to the process of usability testing and knowledge transfer between general audiences, technology designers, programmers, project managers, and administration.

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Who is this program recommended for?

The graduate certificate will expose students to user experience practice and theory, cultivating skills applicable to professionals working in such fields as community management, marketing, sales, social media and web analytics, public relations, and media consulting. Some occupations include mobile application developers, website designers, instructors, digital artists, UI and product designers

What will I learn?

Students completing the graduate certificate in UXE students will become familiar with diverse and broadly applicable skills, as well as knowledge and theoretical underpinnings in a range of communications and user experience topics, including:

  • Audience analysis (e.g., audience theory and research traditions, audience formation, and experience, reception studies, etc.)

  • User experience theories and applications (e.g., uses and gratifications, media functions versus media use, information-processing theory, etc.)

  • Empirical communications research methodologies (e.g., content analysis, focus groups, in-depth interviews, thematic analysis, and surveys)

  • The ability to draw inferences and make actionable recommendations based on user experience data

  • Experience in collecting and analyzing a broad range of user-based data, with an emphasis on research design that is user-centered, process-oriented, and motivated by outcomes

Why study User Experience Essentials at NJIT?

NJIT has been educating technical professionals for more than 125 years. At the intersection of technology and applied science, NJIT provides the necessary technical backbone for a program involving communications, technology, and research. With a major technological research university as its home, the graduate program in user experience emphasizes a research-driven approach to problem-solving using the most modern technologies, tools, and digital platforms.


Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 2.8 on a 4.0 scale. NJIT standard admission requirements apply to this graduate certificate.

Related Degree Programs

This credential relates in its entirety to NJIT MS in Professional and Technical Communication

What are the Required Courses?

Core Courses
Select four of the following:12
PTC 604Communication Theory and Research3
PTC 610Research Methods for Information Design3
PTC 650eLearning Design for Mobile3
PTC 698Selected Topics in Professional and Technical Communication3