Mathematics GER

Select from the following courses:
ECE 321Random Signals and Noise *3
IE 331Applied Statistical Methods *3
MATH 101Foundations of Mathematics for the Liberal Arts3
MATH 105Elementary Probability and Statistics *3
MATH 107University Mathematics A3
MATH 108University Mathematics B4
MATH 110University Mathematics B II - Trigonometry4
MATH 111Calculus I4
MATH 112Calculus II4
MATH 113Finite Mathematics and Calculus I3
MATH 120Basic Concepts in Statistics *1
MATH 135Calculus for Business3
MATH 138General Calculus I3
MATH 225Survey of Probability and Statistics *1
MATH 238General Calculus II3
MATH 244Introduction to Probability Theory *3
MATH 279Statistics and Probability for Engineers *2
MATH 305Statistics for Technology *3
MATH 333Probability and Statistics *3
MNET 315Industrial Statistics *3

Probability and Statistics