The following 3 courses are required-

ENGR 423Drone Science Fundamentals3
ENGR 320Prototyping Essentials3
ENGR 424Robotics Science Fundamentals3

Two courses can be picked from the following list-

IE 455Robotics and Programmable Logic Controllers3
ME 430Introduction to Computer-Aided Design3
ME 441Computer Simulation and Analysis in Mechanical Engineering3
ME 451Introduction to Aerodynamics3
ENGR 330Applications of Microcontrollers and IoT devices3
ECE 431Introduction to Feedback Control Systems3
ECE 432Advanced Control Systems and Robotics3
BME 210Processing Fund for Biol Signa3
BME 386Biosensor and Data Acquisition Lab3
CS 301Introduction to Data Science3
CS 440Computer Vision3