(120 credits)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
1st SemesterCredits
MATH 138 General Calculus I 3
PHYS 102 General Physics I 3
PHYS 102A General Physics I Lab 1
CS 106 Introduction to Computing 3
MET 103 Engineering Graphics and Intro. to CAD 2
ENGL 101 English Composition: Introduction to Academic Writing 3
ET 101 Introduction to Engineering Technology 0
FYS SEM First-Year Student Seminar 0
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
MATH 105
Elementary Probability and Statistics 1
or General Calculus II
PHYS 103 General Physics II 3
PHYS 103A General Physics II Lab 1
MET 105 Applied Computer Aided Design 2
ENGL 102 English Composition: Introduction to Writing for Research 3
Social Science Literacy GER 3
 Term Credits15
Second Year
1st Semester
ECET 201 Circuits I 3
Technical Elective 3
Free Elective 3
R300 292 Social Foundation in Urban Edu 2 3
R300 295 Child and Adolescent Psychology in the Urban Experience 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
MET 205 Advanced Computer Aided Design 3
Technical Elective 3
Free Elective 3
STS 201 Understanding Technological Society 3
R300 298 Educational Planning for Dually Exceptional Students 3
 Term Credits15
Third Year
1st Semester
MNET 300 Concepts In Machining 3
MATH 305
Statistics for Technology
or Industrial Statistics
Technical Elective 3
COM 313 Technical Writing 3
R300 454 Science and Technology Content Planning and Teaching in the Urban Classroom I 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
ENGR 320 Prototyping Essentials 3
ENGR 330 Applications of Microcontrollers and IoT devices 3
Technical Elective (3xx or 4xx) 3
History and Humanities GER 300+ level 3
R300 390 Culturally Responsive Assessment and Evaluation 3
R300 455 Sci&Tech Plan/Tch Urb Class II 3
 Term Credits18
Fourth Year
1st Semester
ENGR 400 Multidisciplinary Engineering Design Project 3
ENGR 425 Advanced Manufacturing Rotation 2
Humanities and Social Science Senior Seminar GER 3
R300 418 Clinical Practice I Seminar 3 3
R300 419 Clinical Practice I 3
R300 378 Seminar in Critical Writing 1
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
R300 487 Clinical Practice II Seminar 3
R300 488 Clinical Practice II 9
 Term Credits12
 Total Credits120

Approved Technical Electives 

MET 235Statics for Technology3
MET 237Strength of Materials for Technology3
MIT 231Intro to Comp Security:Med Dev 43
CET 317Construction Computing3
CMT 452Mechanical and Electrical Systems for Construction3
ENGR 301Engineering Applications of Data Science 43
ENGR 423Drone Science Fundamentals 43
ENGR 424Robotics Science Fundamentals 43
MNET 303Advanced Techniques in CAD/CAM3
MNET 423Workplace Design and Measurement3
SDET 325Medical Informatics Technology3
SDET 330Software Web Applications for Engineering Technology I3
SDET 341Visual Basic.NET for Engineering Technology3
SDET 373Web App Development for Mobile3

MATH 238 serves as prerequisite for MET 235.


Apply Rutgers – Newark Urban Teacher Education Program


Praxis must be taken prior to taking this class.


Discuss with advisor for Computer Science Technology Certificate #4148.