(131 Credits)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
1st SemesterCredits
CHEM 125
General Chemistry I
or Fundamentals of Chemical Principles I
CHEM 125A General Chemistry Lab I 1
MATH 111 Calculus I 1 4
BNFO 135 Programming for Bioinformatics 2 3
ENGL 101 English Composition: Introduction to Academic Writing 3
FYS SEM First-Year Student Seminar 0
 Term Credits14
2nd Semester
CHEM 126
General Chemistry II
or Fundamentals of Chemical Principles II
CHEM 126A Gen Chemistry Lab II 1
MATH 112 Calculus II 4
PHYS 111 Physics I 3
PHYS 111A Physics I Lab 1
ENGL 102 English Composition: Introduction to Writing for Research 3
 Term Credits15
Second Year
1st Semester
CHEM 222 Analytical Chemistry 3
CHEM 243 Organic Chemistry I 3
PHYS 121 Physics II 3
PHYS 121A Physics II Lab 1
MATH 211 Calculus III A 3
History and Humanities GER 200 level 3
 Term Credits16
2nd Semester
CHEM 221 Analytical Chemical Methods 2
CHEM 244 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHEM 244A Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 2
CHEM 210 Frontiers in Chemistry 1
MATH 222 Differential Equations 4
STS 300 Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Technology 3,4 3
 Term Credits15
Third Year
1st Semester
CHEM 473 Biochemistry 5 3
CHEM 231 Physical Chemistry I 3
EPS 202 Society, Technology, and the Environment 6 3
HIST 369 Law and Society in History 3,4 3
Technical Elective 3 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
CHEM 235 Physical Chemistry II 3
CHEM 412 Inorganic Chemistry 5 3
CHEM 480 Instrumental Analysis 5 2
EVSC 335 Environmental Law 7 3
Technical Elective 5 3
 Term Credits14
Fourth Year
1st Semester
CHEM 336 Quantum Chemistry 5 3
CHEM 339 Analytical/Physical Chem Lab for Chemical Engineers 2
CHEM 340 Chemistry of Materials 5 3
CHEM 491 Research and Independent Study I 3
LTC Core Elective 3
MATH 225 Survey of Probability and Statistics 1
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
HSS 404 Humanities, History and Social Sciences Senior Seminar 8 3
R790 382 Environm Pol & Policy 5,7 3
Technical Elective 5 3
Technical Elective 5 3
Technical Elective 5 3
 Term Credits15
Fifth Year
1st Semester
HIST 310
Co-op in Law, Technology, Culture and History I 9
or Seminar - Research
or Seminar:Research
MGMT 290 Business Law I 5 3
LTC Core Elective 3
Technical Elective 5 3
 Term Credits12
 Total Credits131

Students who do not place initially into Math 111 must take the prerequisite(s) first and catch up to the math sequence as soon as possible. 


CS 113 is also acceptable, but it has a pre-requisite of CS 100, adding 3 more credits unless AP or transfer credit is obtained.


This courses satisfies 3 credits of the Legal Foundations Elective.


Course must satisfy the 300 History and Humanities GER.


33 credits of these courses must be taken at NJIT, Rutgers-Newark, or Essex County College by all students. 


This course satisfies the Social Science GER.


This course satisfies 3 credits of the LTC Core Electives.


Must be an approved law-related HSS 404 History Seminar.


Students may take a History Research Seminar (HIST 490 or R510 490) instead of HIST 310 with the approval of the LTC advisor. Student projects in the history research seminar must be law-related.

Legal Foundations Electives
HIST 342Civil Rights Revolution and Law3
HIST 361The Founding of the American Nation3
HIST 362Sex, Gender, and the Law in American History3
HIST 364American Law in the World3
HIST 369Law and Society in History3
HIST 395Research Methods in Law and Society3
MGMT 290Business Law I3
STS 300Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Technology3
R790 304Intro Law And Legal Res3
LTC Core Electives
EVSC 335Environmental Law3
HIST 320Law and Evidence3
HIST 338Environmental Justice and Climate Change in America3
HIST 370Legal issues in the History of Media3
HIST 375Legal Issues in Environmental History3
HIST 378Medicine and Health Law in Modern America3
HIST 384Invention and Regulation3
IE 447Legal Aspects of Engineering3
IT 331Privacy and Information Technology3
IT 332Digital Crime3
IT 400Information Technology and the Law3
R790 382Environm Pol & Policy3